Month: March 2011


Make sure your software knows what platform it’s for.

Ensuring that your software is available on multiple platforms is essential in today’s marketplace, but it’s important not to forget that each platform is distinctly unique in terms of the functionality that users expect, and even more importantly, the unique design and UI standards on each platform.


A practice run that made it big – the Wunderlist story

We recently checked out Wunderlist, a fantastic new to-do application for a range of platforms which has quite literally risen to the top in the industry. To tell us the background story on Wunderlist, we invited the founder of 6Wunderkinder, Christian Reber, to have a chat.

Let's Crate

Turning down $250,000 for your startup – the Crate story.

We invited the founder of Crate, Sahil Lavingia, to have a chat with us about the service, and to share the always exciting tale of the rollercoaster ride following any startup launch. Crate has recently crossed the 10,000 users mark, and has turned down a $250,000 sale offer.


Buzzwords might earn you venture capital, but they won’t make a good product.

Your startup is social. Local. Mobile. Viral. Paradigm-shifting. Minimalist. Disruptive. Stealth. Scalable. Agile. Robust. Curated. Perhaps it even uses the social graph. Maybe it will pivot. Guess what? You’re not alone. Somehow, every other startup has had the same idea – and it isn’t helping anybody.


Why Color will fail (and how your social startup can succeed)

Color, the latest golden child of Silicon Valley, has recently received $41 million in venture capital. Pre-launch. Despite this gargantuan show of monetary support from some of the Valley’s biggest names, there are a number of inherent faults with the service which will make it very difficult, if not impossible, for this fledgling startup to succeed.


The success of the Apple logo, and why your startup needs to copy it.

The icon or the logo of any startup define the business and define it’s products to a much greater extent than many founders realize. The logo of any company characterizes the visual presence of the business throughout it’s lifespan, and the Apple logo is a great example of this done very well.


How Tiny Wings outflew Angry Birds.

The latest hit iOS game, Tiny Wings, has done something that many thought impossible just a few weeks ago: it has knocked Angry Birds off the number one paid download pedestal on the App Store.


Flow is an all-new app for collaborative task management.

The newly-launched Flow offers one of the smoothest productivity services available, allowing users to delegate tasks among friends and colleagues in real-time. Flow is accessible via a webapp, or native iPhone application. is an for Developers offers personal homepages for developers, where users can show off a personal bio, links to their latest projects, and links to Facebook, Twitter and other online media. The service is currently invite-only, but you can apply with ease.