Day: March 21, 2011

Let's Crate

Let’s Crate makes file sharing simple.

Let’s Crate launched with one simple aim: to make file sharing ridiculously easy. And they’ve done it. Very, very well. Crate, as it is generally referred to, uses HTML5 drag-and-drop functionality to allow users to upload files in just one step. Without logging in, users can upload files which will stay active for 30 minutes, and logging in allows users to store files for as long as they wish – basically like Dropbox.

The Startup Project

Welcome to The Startup Project!

With The Startup Project, we aim to offer fresh, ‘grassroots’ coverage of exciting new startups in the web space. From a range of interviews with successful young entrepreneurs, to straightforward and frank advice about launching and running your startup, the Project will develop into an unmatched resource for aspiring founders.