Month: April 2011


Spaaze is a Virtual Corkboard to Organize Your Projects

Spaaze is an entirely free online corkboard which lets users organize sticky notes, links, images, videos and basically anything else you could think of in an infinite canvas which is saved in real-time. It’s a great way to organize separate bits of online information together in one easily accessible location as you figure out what’s what.


Products That Solve Problems Market Themselves: The Instagram Story

Instagram launched in late 2010 with a new, fast and easy way to share photos between users. The service has expanded at a huge rate across the globe, and is current adding almost 130,000 new users every week. We invited the team at Instagram to have a chat about the product, and to share the lessons they’ve learned from launching the service.


The CloudApp Story

CloudApp launched in early 2010 to a huge amount of interest, and it has developed into one of the most popular file-sharing services on the web. The service provides fast, simple and reliable file hosting for tens of thousands of users around the world. To share the story behind the product we invited the founder of CloudApp, Max Schoening, to have a chat.


Why Windows Phone 7 would have failed as a startup.

While Windows Phone 7 has been making steady progress in terms of market share since it’s launch in late 2010, a series of poor decisions and technical errors have and continue to threaten it’s chances of success. Ignoring the essentially limitless financial backing of Microsoft, the OS is in many ways similar to a startup, and there are a number of vital lessons which can be learned from the launch of WP7.


An email client that achieved 20,000 downloads in a day: The Sparrow story

Sparrow is a new email client for OSX that has taken the Mac world by storm: it was downloaded over 20,000 times on launch day, and has been downloaded 100,000 times since the Mac App Store launched in January. To hear the background story on Sparrow, we invited it’s co-founder, Dominique Leca to have a chat. makes recording and sharing presentations easy. is a new startup which aims to make sharing keynote presentations across the world extremely simple. The service lets you record yourself on webcam presenting the slides, and puts that video side-by-side with the keynote so that you can (almost) be there yourself.


Think small, start small – An interview with Stephen Ou

Stephen Ou found fame within the startup space in late 2010, with his webapps Itunes Instant and TwtRoulette, which earned him coverage on big-name technology blogs including Mashable, Techcrunch, Inc, and Forbes. To tell us his story, and to hear his advice on running a startup, we invited Stephen to have a chat.


Why Gumroad is the next billion dollar startup – The developer interview

Gumroad launched this week to a huge amount of interest from consumers and from the media. The startup is basically a service which lets users buy and sell digital goods with no hassle and minimal effort. Whether you’re selling design templates, source code or sharing a private link – you’re able to monetize it in just a few clicks. We invited the developer of Gumroad, Sahil Lavingia, to have a chat to us about the huge potential of the product.


‘Ads’ are dead. Use advertising instead.

Online ‘ads’, as we’ve known them for the past decade, are dead. The brain of every internet user has been trained to ignore banner ads on websites, and if it hasn’t, web browser adblock technology has ensured the ads are truly hidden. In the future, online publishers will have to look to something different: advertising.


Localscope tells you what’s close by.

Localscope is a social data powered GPS app which help users find great spots to check out nearby. It uses Google, Bing, Foursquare and Twitter to pinpoint nearby destinations, letting you compare search results just by sliding between them – no retyping search terms.