Month: October 2011

Creating a Startup Around a Domain Name – An Interview With is a fantastic new product discovery service which was launched recently by the creators of Stickam, Steven Fruchter and Jake Gold. The site centres around the idea of using Q&A (Quora style) to find answers on buying decisions and product options. Today we are lucky enough to have the co-founder of, Steven Fruchter, on The Startup Project.


The Dropcam Story – Building a Surveillance Startup

Dropcam is a simple and easy to use DVR/security system for your home which lets you effortlessly monitor what’s going on while you’re away. The Dropcam cameras connect seamlessly to a web interface, allowing you to view a live stream on your PC or smartphone (iPhone & Android are supported). Today we have the CEO of Dropcam, Greg Duffy, on The Startup Project.


Launching a Hardware Startup – An Interview with Basis

My Basis is a startup which aims to revolutionize the heath and fitness industry, offering a unique wrist monitor which tracks activity levels, calorie burn and sleep patterns. The hardware connects seamlessly to a social online tracking application, making My Basis one of the most innovative products in this industry. Today we are lucky enough to have the founder of My Basis, Nadeem Kassam, on The Startup Project.

fee fighters

Saving Your Customers $75 Million – The FeeFighters Story

FeeFighters is a comparison shopping website for credit card processing, it offers a quick and simple way for businesses to save significant amounts on their credit card processing fees. The company has saved customers more than $30 million in processing fees since launch, and raised $1.6 million in early 2011. Today we have Stella Fayman from FeeFighters on The Startup Project.


Carpooling The Right Way – The Zimride Story

Zimride is a service which makes it exceptionally simple to find someone to ride-share with, allowing users to quickly determine friends, classmates or co-workers heading in the same direction as they are. The company has received more than $7 million in funding, and has established a large, passionate user base since launch. Today we have the founder and COO of Zimride, John Zimmer, on The Startup Project.


Building a College Startup – The Fampus Story

Fampus is an events website exclusively for college students which launched in September 2011. The site aims to keep students in the loop regarding just about every imaginable college event, and currently has seven colleges on board. Fampus was founded by 22 year old Brittany Brody, and today we are lucky enough to have Brittany on the Startup Project.

Top 10

Building a Startup in London – The Top10 Interview

Top10 is a social recommendation service which, as you would expect, is based around ‘top 10 lists’ and aims to be the ultimate platform to discover and share recommendations about the things you love. The company has raised $3.5 million in funding, and today we have the co-founder of Top10, Tom Leathes, on The Startup Project.


A Physical App Store for a Software Product – The Podio Story

Podio is an all-inclusive online work platform for enterprises which launched with a bang in early 2011. The company now services thousands of businesses worldwide (including BBC, Subway and BMW), and today we are lucky enough to have the co-founder of Podio, Jon Froda, on The Startup Project.