Day: October 14, 2011

Creating a Startup Around a Domain Name – An Interview With is a fantastic new product discovery service which was launched recently by the creators of Stickam, Steven Fruchter and Jake Gold. The site centres around the idea of using Q&A (Quora style) to find answers on buying decisions and product options. Today we are lucky enough to have the co-founder of, Steven Fruchter, on The Startup Project.


The Dropcam Story – Building a Surveillance Startup

Dropcam is a simple and easy to use DVR/security system for your home which lets you effortlessly monitor what’s going on while you’re away. The Dropcam cameras connect seamlessly to a web interface, allowing you to view a live stream on your PC or smartphone (iPhone & Android are supported). Today we have the CEO of Dropcam, Greg Duffy, on The Startup Project.