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The success of the Apple logo, and why your startup needs to copy it.

The icon or the logo of any startup define the business and define it’s products to a much greater extent than many founders realize. The logo of any company characterizes the visual presence of the business throughout it’s lifespan, and the Apple logo is a great example of this done very well.


How Tiny Wings outflew Angry Birds.

The latest hit iOS game, Tiny Wings, has done something that many thought impossible just a few weeks ago: it has knocked Angry Birds off the number one paid download pedestal on the App Store.


Thermo is, well, a thermometer.

Thermo is an iOS app which acts as a thermometer, using geo-location functionality to let you know the current temperature in your area. The app itself is beautifully designed, and while simple, it fulfills its purpose very well.


Wunderlist – Task Management at its Best

Wunderlist is an all-new to do application for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and for the web. The program manages tasks simply and efficiently, but what holds Wunderlist far above its competition is its beautiful interface. The UI on every platform is flawless in almost every respect, making task management a pleasure.