Hiring The Wrong Person Is Far Worse Than Waiting For The Right Person – The ZocDoc Interview

October 1, 2011

ZocDoc is a free online service which allows patients to book appointments at doctors and dentists instantly. Today we have the co-founder and CEO of ZocDoc, Cyrus Massoumi, for an interview on The Startup Project.

Building a Company Around Email – The InboxFever Interview

September 30, 2011

InboxFever is a TechStars 2011 company which aims to make it quick and simple for anyone to build email-powered applications. The service has formed a strong user-base since launch, and today we are lucky enough to have the co-founder of InboxFever, Doruk Aytulu, on The Startup Project.

An Interview with TechStars Graduate FullContact

September 16, 2011

FullContact recently raised $1.5 million in funding following their participation in the TechStars startup accelerator. The service offers an API which allows developers access to its database of more than 100 million contact records to provide users with up-to-date contact information. Today we have the CEO of FullContact, Bart Lorang, for an interview on The Startup Project.

The Hipmunk Story – An Interview with Adam Goldstein

September 16, 2011

Hipmunk is an exciting new travel search site which takes the distress out of travel-planning. The service has received more than $5 million in funding, and has grown incredibly quickly to become one of the most popular travel search sites available. Today we are lucky enough to have the co-founder of Hipmunk, Adam Goldstein on The Startup Project.

10 Million iPhone App Downloads and Counting – The Traction Games Interview

September 12, 2011

Traction Games is an Australian-based game development studio which has found huge success on the iOS App Store, with over 10 million downloads and multiple successful titles. We are lucky enough to have Ben Hazzard, the founder of Traction Games on The Startup Project!

The Road to Entrepreneurship – An Interview with Dan Shipper

August 8, 2011

Dan Shipper is a student from the University of Pennsylvania who has created the popular webapps WhereMyFriends.be, ReadStream and DomainPolish. We invited Dan to have a chat on The Startup Project to share his story, and to offer some great advice to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Naming Your Product – The BugSense Interview

August 4, 2011

Bugsense is a tool for developers which collects and analyzes crash reports from mobile applications on Android and iOS. It provides developers with vital insights on the performance of their application, and has proved hugely successful, gaining thousands of users since they (re)launched in June. The co-founder of BugSense, Panos Papadopoulos, on The Startup Project to share the BugSense story with us.

The Solution to AirBnB’s Woes – Imitate eBay

August 2, 2011

Both AirBnB and eBay deal with an almost identical issue: they rely on basic human decency and honesty in the running of their service. Recently, AirBnB has encountered multiple issues which are potentially destructive for the business, with tenants destroying the homes of AirBnB renters. The solution? Imitate eBay.

Stay inspired, not on auto-pilot – An interview with Fantastical’s Founder

July 3, 2011

Fantastical is an all new calendar for Mac, which works as a (beautiful) front end for iCal, Outlook or Entourage. It offers one of the most well designed user interfaces of any Mac application on the market. To share the background story on Fantastical, and to offer his advice on the world of startups we invited the co-founder of Fantastical, Michael Simmons, to have a chat.

Don’t think of non-paying users as a burden, but as an advertising expense.

June 20, 2011

When you are trying to earn revenue from your freemium product, the non-paying users can often seem like an unnecessary expense – you end up paying more for hosting and support for the free users than the paying users, and that is a frustrating predicament to be in. To make the experience that much more bearable, thinking of those users as an advertising expense rather than a pointless burden will be very helpful.