Let’s Crate makes file sharing simple.

Let's Crate

Let’s Crate launched with one simple aim: to make file sharing ridiculously easy. And they’ve done it. Very, very well. Crate, as it is generally referred to, uses HTML5 drag-and-drop functionality to allow users to upload files in just one step. Without logging in, users can upload files which will stay active for 30 minutes, and logging in allows users to store files for as long as they wish – basically like Dropbox.

Where might you use this, you say? The most popular usage scenario is for ultra-fast file sharing via email or Facebook. You’re discussing a document you might be working on with a friend or colleague, and they want to have a look. Instead of logging in to your email account, creating a message, attaching the file (while hoping it isn’t too large for your email provider), and then finally sending it. With Crate, you just drag the file into your web browser, Crate gives you a link and you’re done!

Check out Let’s Crate here.