Month: June 2011


Why you should earn revenue from user #7

For the majority of startups, monetizing your startup from day 1 is a great idea: it validates your product, confirms that it has long-term potential and proves to investors that the product can be successful. That, however, has been discussed extensively before. What so many startups forget however, is that before selling a product to the first user, there are a few licenses you need to give away first.


‘Not failing’ should be the central aim in the first six months of any startup.

During his backstage interview at TechCrunch Disrupt last week, Ashton Kutcher made an offhand, exceptionally insightful comment regarding his investments in startups: ‘I don’t like to fail’. While obviously simple, the notion of just ‘not failing’ can be a crucial step in launching a startup – in most cases, if a startup can get through the first six months without ‘failing’ it has a great chance of success.