September 12, 2011, No comments

Traction Games is an Australian-based game development studio which has found huge success on the iOS App Store, with over 10 million downloads and multiple successful titles. We are lucky enough to have Ben Hazzard, the founder of Traction Games on The Startup Project!

iCloud lets you pirate all the music you wish – for $24.99 a year.

June 7, 2011, 8 Comments

Apple today announced iCloud, their new online storage system which links together iOS and Mac devices, syncing documents, photos, books, apps - and m ...

Fantastical Mac Calendar Giveaway

June 5, 2011, 4 Comments

Fantastical is an all new calendar for Mac, which works as a (beautiful) front end for iCal, Outlook or Entourage. It joins applications like Twitter ...

Why you should earn revenue from user #7

June 5, 2011, 8 Comments

For the majority of startups, monetizing your startup from day 1 is a great idea: it validates your product, confirms that it has long-term potential ...

  • The CloudApp Story
    April 22, 2011, 13 Comments

    CloudApp launched in early 2010 to a huge amount of interest, and it has developed into one of the most popular file-sharing services on the web. The service provides fast, simple and reliable file hosting for tens of thousands of users aro ...

  • Why Windows Phone 7 would have failed as a startup.
    April 16, 2011, 7 Comments

    While Windows Phone 7 has been making steady progress in terms of market share since it's launch in late 2010, a series of poor decisions and technical errors have and continue to threaten it's chances of success. Ignoring the essentially l ...