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The Road to Entrepreneurship – An Interview with Dan Shipper

Dan Shipper is a student from the University of Pennsylvania who has created the popular webapps WhereMyFriends.be, ReadStream and DomainPolish. We invited Dan to have a chat on The Startup Project to share his story, and to offer some great advice to aspiring entrepreneurs.


Naming Your Product – The BugSense Interview

Bugsense is a tool for developers which collects and analyzes crash reports from mobile applications on Android and iOS. It provides developers with vital insights on the performance of their application, and has proved hugely successful, gaining thousands of users since they (re)launched in June. The co-founder of BugSense, Panos Papadopoulos, on The Startup Project to share the BugSense story with us.


The Solution to AirBnB’s Woes – Imitate eBay

Both AirBnB and eBay deal with an almost identical issue: they rely on basic human decency and honesty in the running of their service. Recently, AirBnB has encountered multiple issues which are potentially destructive for the business, with tenants destroying the homes of AirBnB renters. The solution? Imitate eBay.