Month: May 2011


Forget about raising capital for your startup and just build it.

Raising capital has almost become the new ‘must-do’ step in launching a startup, just about every new founder seems to feel that finding investors is essential to succeed. With popular startup sites like TechCrunch constantly reporting on which startup has received funding, or who has entered into a new round of funding, it’s very easy to get caught up in the notion that funding is essential. In reality, that just isn’t the case.


Tagmask lets programmers share posts in a personalized feed.

Tagmask is a new community created specifically for programmers, which lets users share and discuss articles, blogs and other content between people with similar interests. It allows developers share posts with other people who enjoy reading about similar topics, and consequently stimulate interesting discussions on the subject.


Why building an API should be a top priority.

Deciding whether to spend the time and resources developing an API as opposed to working on additional top-level features is a choice which many startups struggle with, however the answer is simple: do it for your users. Guest columnist Luke Jones outlines why building an API should be a top priority for every startup.